Saturday, December 15, 2018
Top 10 slots released in January 2017

Top 10 slots released in January 2017

Have you guys made any New Year’s resolutions this year? Making them became quite a tradition in the Western world, however, most people fail...
Casino Saga Characters Vol. 5 1

Casino Saga Characters Vol. 5


So, are you enjoying Casino Saga as much as we are? The amount of characters and bosses available in this casino is simply amazing! We've prepared another list of Casino Saga Bosses together with a profile of one of the heroes that you can use as your avatar.  

Top 10 Slots released in July

Top 10 slots released in July 2017

I simply love summer holidays! Amazing beach parties, long trips and camps made this year’s July pretty amazing for me! Did you have fun too?...
Best Egyptian Themed Slots

Best Egyptian Themed Slots

Ancient Egypt was one of the world’s most advanced civilizations for about 3,000 years. While the art, architecture and burial methods of the Ancient...
Top 10 Slots Released in March 1

Top 10 Slots Released in March

I just love March! It's the beginning of March and the weather is simply fantastic! It's getting warmer and warmer, so it's probably about...
A premature reveal?

A premature reveal?


Was the announcement of Blue Gem Gaming, a company that was supposed to take over offering games from Sheriff Gaming, just a premature announcement and all hope is lost for fans of those great games?

What is RNG?

What is RNG?


When reading casino reviews or just browsing the casino website itself you will sooner or later run into the term RNG. It will most surely be mentioned in a paragraph related to fair gaming or similar concepts. If you’re inquisitive, you have probably found out that this abbreviation stands for Random Number Generator. But what really is a Random Number Generator?

Top 10 Movie Slots 1

Top 10 Movie Slots

Movie themed slots were always one of the most popular games in online gaming industry. Playing a slot based on your favourite game enables you to experience the thrill once again. Sadly, not all slots capture the atmosphere of a given film or its special features aren't that good. This is why we've prepared a set of ten best movie themed slots for you, movie fans out there. 


Casino Saga Characters Vol. 4 1

Casino Saga Characters Vol. 4


The brave heroes of Casino Saga are not resting on their laurels! They still have to beat a bunch of bosses before they can face the main enemy. Allow us to introduce you to a new Casino Saga Hero and additional four Casino Saga Bosses!