Saturday, January 19, 2019
Top 7 New Halloween Slots 1

Top 7 New Halloween Slots

Halloween is getting closer and closer! Halloween is often celebrated by both adults and children and the element of surprise makes this holiday fun and unpredictable. We just love Halloween decorations and the ghoulish atmosphere. Seven is our lucky number, so go ahead and check out our selection of top 7 New Halloween Slots Games which we have prepared just for you!


Top 5 Slots released in December 2

Top 5 Slots released in December

Well… Christmas is over and we hope you spent a great time with your loved ones! And how was your New Year's Eve party? December is one of my favourite months, not just because of the holiday atmosphere, but also because leading developers release loads of amazing online slots during that time. We have narrowed our selection to top 5 to present you guys the best online slots released in December. 


Top 10 Slots released in November 1

Top 10 Slots released in November

Huh? Is it December already? I totally lost track of time! Time passes quickly when you do things that deliver loads of fun, so I guess that it's about time to check out best online slots released in November! 


Casino Saga Journal Vol. 4 1

Casino Saga Journal Vol. 4


And I'm back with completely new ideas and new aims! Who is curious what will happen today? No worries, I believe in my abilities, I'm moving forward in Casino Saga and every single step is made carefully. Let's get started!

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