IGaming and online casinos are more popular than ever and the choice of igaming and casino sites is simply overwhelming. Not only are these sites having to compete to a degree with traditional brick and mortar casinos but they obviously are competing with each other which can sometimes make choosing an igaming site or online casino a difficult choice. Luckily there are always deals and incentives being offered by various sites and casinos to entice both the new player as well as the more seasoned player. These offers can vary themselves depending on the site and the time of year.


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There are a variety  of offers available from online casinos, such as deposit £10 and play with £50 as offered by skyvegas, or deposit £200 and play with £600 with 20 free spins as offered by Slots Heaven. These kind of offers still involve the player making an initial deposit and both are subject to terms and conditions that mean the “extra money” cannot simply be withdrawn but the player has to play at least the total value (deposit plus the extra money to play) before a withdrawal can be made. More recent types of offers are now available, that do not depend on players having to make a deposit to begin play. For example, 888 Casino’s “Spin and play with up to £888 free- no deposit” offer which can be a great way for the newer player to get into online gaming and even the seasoned player to try a site that they may not have played before. Now the challenge with all these offers available is finding the sites that have the offers and comparing them to find the one that works best for the player but as with many online industries there are now comparison sites that can make the task so much easier. Think of how difficult comparing car or housing insurance used to be, but nowadays it is a much simpler task thanks to these sites.

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They say that variety is the spice of life and iGaming proves how true that is whether you are looking for online slots, traditional casino games, sports bets or even just some tips and insights, comparison sites like oddschecker can make things easier for the player so that they can focus on playing games and having fun.  Remember that the offers are likely to change throughout the year so it is always worth checking frequently.