A highly-popular developer of casino games from Czech Republic, Endorphina, has just released an official statement concerning the cancellation of Maori slot.

Not so long time ago Enrohpina has removed from all gaming sites because of disapproval of certain groups in New Zealand.

The Maori casino slot game was the very last Endorphina’s release in 2016. The company worked over a year on this game and now it disappeared from online casinos. The game features beautiful 3D graphics, presenting authentic symbols from Maori culture, the traditional Haka dance, as well as nicely portrayed face tattoos of Maori people.

The game was warmly welcomed all around the world, however the inhabitants of New Zealand aren’t happy that international casino game shows their culture so close.

Endorphina’s statement about the cancellation of Maori slot:

“Our main intention with the Māori game and with any other culture-oriented game is always to broaden the cultural knowledge, open-mindedness, and understanding among people. Our games are made to entertain people and we want to give them an option to get on a journey to different worlds and realities without the need of leaving their homes. Also, we try to convey the experience of exploring and discovering new countries to a wide audience worldwide as not everyone is lucky enough to be given the privilege to travel and see the world himself.”

“Creating a culture-related game we do not intend to specifically target people that are related to this culture. We want to attract foreign players and give them an exclusive insight to different cultures, those who exist nowadays as well as those who don´t, like our Urartu slot. This game was appreciated worldwide but the positive feedback also came from Armenia and local players. When we receive positive feedback from the country the game was designed after, it is the most valuable recognition we can ask for as developers.”