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A marketing specialist, Beehive, signed a deal with Delasports to provide its top-notch platform to sportsbook operator.

A brand new deal with Delasport, is another major B2B deal for Beehive company. A deal includes best of breed data-driven innovations, as well as highly advanced marketing platform, which will be implemented into Delasport brands like

Yonit Shvinkelstain, CMO at Delasport:

“With CPAs on the rise in the extremely competitive sportsbook field, we need to offer our clients a marketing platform that can keep them ahead of the pack, and that’s where Beehive comes in. We’ve been struck by the range of intuitive features available on the platform, all of which are focused on improving the bottom line. We are excited to see the partnership deliver upon its vast promise.”

Adi Dagan, Founder and CEO at Beehive:

“Delasport is an innovative and exciting provider and so makes a natural partner for Beehive. We have a strong heritage in sportsbook, so can deliver a tailored offering that will really boost Delasport and provide a positive impact to revenues. B2B partnerships have always been a great business development growth engine for Beehive, as they generate huge value for both parties – a true win-win.”