Curaçao gambling licenses questioned by Dutch MP

Legalization of online gambling in the Netherlands – Government budget 2019 counts on tax income from remote gambling

Is the outcome of the upcoming plenary session in the Senate already known? Anonymous sources with insider’s knowledge tell us it is. The recently published government budget for 2019 only makes our suspicion stronger: the bills will be passed by the Senate and online gambling will be legal in the Netherlands starting mid 2020.

Remote games of chance in government budget 2019
The government budget 2019 contains information about the budgetary consequences of legalization of online gambling. On just sports betting, the expected tax revenue is 6 million euro for 2020. The government expects to be raking in 12 million each year starting 2021. Tax revenue from other soon to be legal forms of online gambling (e.g. roulette, bingo and poker) are not included in these numbers yet. In the highly unlikely case of the Senate not passing the bill, the government would be missing out on the calculated tax revenue which can turn out problematic for the concerning ministry: budget cuts or lending more from other ministries may be the result. A time-consuming, labor-intensive process, which makes it extra significant that there is tax revenue from online gambling in the government’s budget planning.


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