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eSports betting plan – easy tips how to win money in esports betting.

Gambling can be very tricky, which is why many people avoid turning it into a habit. One wrong move and you end up with an empty bank account and with the sharks coming after you with everything they have. At this point, you could only dig a hole and hope they will not find you in there.

With a little bit of practice, however, and a cool mind, you can actually turn this into a superpower. Betting isn’t really about luck; it’s about good research. There is more math going on in a betting session than it is in a math class.

To make sure that your money will stay in their right place, here are some steps to follow that will keep you at the top.

1. Make Your Staking Plan

When you make a staking plan, you decide how much money you place on a bet that you are about to make. Every successful gambler usually has one in place, because it offers them control and reduces their chances of going through a total bust.

Betting websites such as recommend that when you are betting on eSports, you should have a reasonable bankroll – but still know your limits. Don’t bet more than you can afford. Also, you may want to keep a record of the bets to ensure that you are sticking to the plan.

2. Do Not Char the Losses

Occasionally, you might lose a game. There’s no such thing as a continuous winning streak; you’d have to sell your soul to the devil for that to happen (and we definitely do not advise on doing do).

When you char the loss, you increase the stakes on the bet just so you can recover from the losses. This, however, has a very slim chance of working – and more often than not, you will be losing more money than you win.

This kind of gambling behavior can only lead to rushed decisions, frustration, and putting a big hole in your budget. It’s better to stay disciplined and on an even streak rather than giving in to your impulses. Don’t chase your losses, and if you feel tempted to do so, take a break.

3. Avoid Big Scores

Long odds can be very tempting since one of those can bring you winnings that you cannot even imagine. Still, more often than not, you are going to lose that bet – since there’s a very low chance to win all bets on a streak.

The idea of a big score is that you have to place the bets in tournaments in a certain order. It’s already difficult enough as it is to pick one winner; imagine what would happen if you had to choose five or six of them. Doing something like that is very risky, and there’s a 98% chance that something could go wrong.

If you want to place a bet on a game – League of Legends, DotA, Hearthstone, whichever – you can go on Happy betting, and may the odds be ever in your favor!