Virtual Cycling by Varmantia is available 1

Virtual Cycling, a higly technically advanced, new virtual betting game was released today by Vermantia, powered by V+ Media Platform.



The game offers a wide variety of bets – simple and complex ones. It is nuanced to the smallest details and will take the players to the new dimension of gaming. There is a spectacular virtual velodrome where the cycling takes place and due to the high quality of graphics it really gives on impression of a real world event.


Vasilis Zoupas, Vermantia Head of Virtual Games, said: “Vermantia is already a trusted partner for Virtual games in licensed gaming markets of Europe and Latin America. The new Cycling game, with its strong appeal in the Asian market, will allow the company, to expand the current library of games, and grow its Virtual gaming footprint globally.”




Source: Innovate Gaming
Date: October 14, 2014
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