World Match

The company that specializes in slot machines development, World Match, announced the launch of online games from Nazionale Elettronica slot machines.

World Match is supplying casino market since 2003 and throughout the years games developed by this company gained a huge fanbase. Thanks to the recently signed deal between World Match and Nazionale Elettronica, the world-famous developer is able now to convert games from land-based slot machines into online slots. The company will release new versions of II Pasticciere, Grande Joker, L’arca and Driver slots. Thanks to best of breed HTML5 technology games will be available on all devices, including mobiles like tablets and smartphones.

Andrea Boratto, Executive Director at World Match:

“We focused especially on equipping the online games with all the features of Nazionale Elettronica’s land-based slots, in order to deliver a game experience that is fully equivalent. We aim to offer the players the chance to play the slots they love the most whenever and wherever they like and on any devices.

“The porting of land-based slots to the online benefits from the deep penetration of Nazionale Elettronica into the Italian territory on one hand and, on the other, it profits from World Match’s extensive coverage of .IT market. The perfect synthesis of these preconditions will allow our companies to take mutual advantages from this partnership.”