Betsoft Gaming 2

BetSoft Gaming stand was a must for all fans of 3D slots visiting ICE. The company announced the release of a few new games and visitors had a chance to be the first to see the previews of those exciting slots, which in fact looked amazing!

We asked Mark Allison, Commercial Director at BetSoft, about the company’s impressions concerning the show, their new games and plans for the upcoming months. Read the interview below to find out what he had to say!

markallisonWhat are your impressions concerning ICE 2015?

For us it is about meeting existing clients, displaying our product and also meeting our potential new clients. Those are three main aims that we concentrate on. ICE gives us a platform to do that.

What can you tell us about the products you are presenting during the show?

We have for some years produced some high quality, cinematic 3D slots, which is our specialty. Into the online market, around 2, 3 years ago we have started to move out our product over to mobile technology also, so that every product we now produce has a mobile variant. And also we have gone into our back catalog and we have converted previous games to mobile also.

You’ve announced the launch of three new games: Pinocchio, Alkemor’s Tower and Money Maker. Can you tell us something more about them?

We look to introduce broadly each new slot every month. Pinocchio is a very well known theme and the game we created looks just excellent. Alkemor’s Tower is a game with some interesting art models and strong graphics which is a kind of what we are known for. Money Maker is a particularly interactive game which is based around the question format which gives really high engagement and high stickiness for the player and entertainment as well as a gaming product.

What technologies do you use to create your online and mobile games? What are the advantages of using them?

Yes, we principally use FLASH and HTML5. HTML5 for our mobile games. This gives us the highest quality render and technical capability.

So, is it the future of mobile gaming?betsoft1

Absolutely, mobile is definitely future for gaming. This market will probably become dominanted by HTML5.

Do you have two separate teams to produce games for mobile and online?

We have an extensive technical team, but we work in a studio system. We have a transferable skill across a number of people.

Are you going to continue using these technologies in the future?

Yes, I mean, we have always been on the edge, the cutting edge. We were the first to introduce the video films into online slots. We always look to introduce new technologies as early as possible to get the very best rendition of the graphics and technical aspects of the games.

What are your plans for the upcoming months?

We plan to continue to serve our customers globally. We plan to introduce on average one slot every month. And we will also to look to introduce other non-slot products as well in the next 12 months.