Super Lucky Reels 1
Software iSoftBet Scatter Symbol No
Reels 5 Free Spins Yes
Paylines 5 Coin Size Min 0.01
Progressive Yes Coin Size Max 0.50
Wild Symbol No Jackpot Currently: $153,026.63

iSoftBet is a company best known for their innovative approach towards online slots. Their portfolio is so rich they had to group their releases into branded, casino and mobile versions of games. Let’s take a look on one of their online slots which was placed in the casino section of their portfolio.

Super Lucky Reels shows a different approach to slots and lets you decide whether you play with three, four or five reels but we’ll get to that later. The game has five paylines and its symbols consist of different kinds of sevens and bars, a Chinese sign and a Super Lucky Reels symbol. All of these symbols appear only on the reels 1, 2 and 3. The symbols on reel 4 and 5 consist only of Bonus Symbols which are described below. Super Lucky Reels has a subtle oriental theme and its colours consist of dark red and black colours. The animations are nicely executed and the slot’s sound and looks greatly capture the atmosphere of a classic, land based slot.
If you like slots which offer huge amounts of cash and excitement, be sure to spin this slot’s reels as it has an innovative way of triggering Special Features.

Super Lucky Reels lets you choose the number of reels you want to spin. If you  want to play safe, you can activate only three reels by betting less than 10 coins per line. If you bet 10 coins per line, you’ll activate the fourth reel and betting 15 coins gives you the opportunity of spinning all five available reels. This feature is a fantastic one as it basically combines two kinds of slots: the classic and the packed with Bonuses one.

If your aim is to hit high wins, be sure to bet 10 coins per line as the only symbols appearing on the fourth reel pay out a set amount of coins (50, 100, 750 or 1000) once they appear in a winning combination. There are also blanks on this reel so there is no guarantee you’ll receive a payout, however, the symbols appear very often so the chances of hitting a winning combination are quite high.

Those players who wish to win even more need to bet a maximum of 15 coins per line to enable spinning every five available reels. The only symbols appearing on the fifth unlocked reel consist of three kinds of multipliers (2x, 5x or 10x) and a Re-Spin symbol which offers a maximum of five Free Spins. What’s worth mentioning is the fact that unlocking the fourth and fifth reel gives you the opportunity of hitting the Progressive Jackpot. All a player has to do is to hit three Super Lucky Reels symbols, the 1000 coins symbol on the fourth reel and the 10x multiplier symbol on the fifth reel.

Super Lucky Reels is a gorgeous slot for each and every slot player as it lets you decide whether you play a classic 3-reel slot or a Special Features-packed 4 or 5-reel slot. Its Bonuses combined with the opportunity of winning the Progressive Jackpot makes this slot a definite must for all players who feel lucky and want to win some serious amounts of cash.