Swipe Roulette 8
Software Topgame Technology Coin Size Max 100.00
Coin size min 1.00 Jacpot $3,700

A brand new game from Topgame Technology – “Swipe Roulette” – is an absolute “must play” for all the enthusiasts of classic European roulettes, but you don’t have to be an experienced player to enjoy it. “Swipe Roulette”‘s transparent and modern design, kept in full 3D, makes the game a great choice also for those who are just beginning their adventure in the world of roulettes.

Topgame Technology decided to create another variation of this well-known casino game and the effects of their work are highly impressive. Topgame Technology managed to make a full 3D gaming device that gives the player maximum level of control with such possibilites as checking the table from different angles and choosing the moment to spin the wheel. The elegant graphics and smooth voice of the dealer leading you through the game will make you feel like playing in real, posh casino.

The game rules are obviously similar to every other European roulette – there are 37 spots on the wheel and the ball can stop on only one of them. The player’s job is to predict which spot the ball will land on. The bets are placed on a roulette table. You can go big and pick only the exact number or you can pick the safer way and bet on colours. The roulette gives you a wide variety of betting options, such as Straight Up, Split Bet, Street Bet, Corner Bet, Six-Line Bet, high low bet, dozen bet, column bet, odd or even bet, and red or black bet.

This particular roulette gives you opportunity to place special bets which are: voisins du zéro, tiers du cylindre, orphelins en plein and orphelins à cheval. It means that if you want to place a bet on, for example, the neighbours of zero, you won’t have to mark each number separately, just simply use the function provided by the creators of “Swipe Roulette”.

Summing up, this new Topgame Technology version of a classic roulette has everything it takes to compete with previously released games of this kind. “Swipe Roulette”‘s transparency and elegant look make the game perfect for the beginners as well as its modern approach should attract experienced players that don’t want to be caught in a trap of monotony.