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“Visitors were really surprised by the quality of our games, especially how smooth they run compared to other mobile games,” said Jerzy Kolodziej, Wazdan’s Customer Relations Manager, in an interview with CasinoOnlineRating.com. He spoke about his company’s experiences at ICE Totally Gaming,  new products they presented and his company’s future plans.

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What was your overall take on the ICE Totally Gaming show?

ICE is one of the most important events for the iGaming industry. It gathers companies from all over the world and gives them the opportunity to observe the market, present their products and create new partnerships. And it’s an opportunity we couldn’t miss. ICE not only allows us to showcase our offering, but also compare and learn from other successful enterprises, as well as target the most international public.

What can you tell us about the products you presented during the show?

This year we focused mainly on presenting our amazing mobile games. They are based on Unity engine, which allows us to offer superbly rich graphics and the smoothest game play experience. Optimized for Android and iOS devices, our portfolio of portable games consists of an ever-expanding list of slots, video pokers and specialty games. Wazdan’s new generation games provide a totally unique and immersive player experience complete with engaging story lines, vibrant graphics and a variety of special features. You simply won’t find a smoother experience on the mobile platform anywhere else.

How did ICE visitors respond to your tailor-made solutions?

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback and enthusiastic comments. Visitors were really surprised by the quality of our games, especially how smooth they run compared to other mobile games. The experience is simply unrivaled. We’re happy with the interest our offering has created and hope to build and expand from what we received during the show.

How do you see the future of the iGaming industry? How is Wazdan responding  to that?

The iGaming industry acts as the leader in innovation and development of new technologies, which is then followed by others. The pace with which changes are introduced is extremely fast and we have to make sure to keep up. Currently, the mobile market is becoming more and more important, taking over every single aspect of our lives and this is something that cannot be ignored. However, we also have to be prepared for any new trends and react accordingly.

What are your future plans?

Design and functionality are two very important characteristics in all our products and we will definitely focus on making them even more attractive. We’re also hoping to expand our business. While our products have already gained trust and interest in Europe, during ICE we were often visited by companies from other regions and can now consider possibilities, e.g. in South America and Eastern Europe.