Playtech 2

When you visit ICE show, you can’t pass Playtech’s stand by without stopping to see their new products. Every year they present a big range of new innovative products and services for the gaming industry and this year was no exception.

We asked James Bennet, Press and Copywriting Manager, about the company’s impressions concerning the show, their new products and plans for the upcoming months. Read the interview below to find out what he had to say!


What are your impressions concerning ICE?

It’s always a great show, it’s the biggest gambling show in Europe. It is probably the most important show for Playtech, because we’ve got all our licensees coming over to see us, and it’s also a great way of showcasing our entire product range, I guess. It is the most important event for us.

What can you tell us about the products you are presenting during the show?

We have got every product on the show, pretty much. The main product is in the middle of the room here, which is quite new for us. It is called BIT, which stands for Business Intelligence Technology. It is essentially the backend of Pindula products and it is taking it to another level basically. It is using business intelligence and data to increase operator’s revenue, to increase the peer experience in terms of making it more personalized and unique. It is a bit like Netflix, on a very basic level, like Netflix for gaming. You can personalize your own hand screen depending on who you are, where you are from, how old you are, what games you like. All the data comes together to sort of understand what you like, it recommends games. It’s the Amazon or Netflix for gaming basically. It is using all the player data to generate a better experience for the player and more revenue. So if you like playing Gladiator it will say, depending on the data it generates, you may like to play Spiderman or Hulk or whatever slot game.

Can we find this solution in any existing casino?

There are some customers who use it, but I’m not sure if I can say who they are at the moment, but I think we will announce the names in a few months. A lot of our licensees want to use it, some of them are happy to use it for some time, so it’s been a question of trial and methodology to see how it works and to see what results it generates.

I suppose they are really satisfied with this solution…

Yes, because it generates the recommendations, extends the time players spend in the venue. Players stay on the site longer than they would do normally. It also say, for example, if you were leaving the casino, there will be an automatic trigger that will say “oh we are sorry to see you leaving for today, what about we give you another 5 spins or 20 pound bonus on The Hulk slot” or something like that. It will encourage to stay on the site longer. It’s all automated – that’s the thing. It eliminates all the guest work and does everything for you.

Your games based on Marvel comic books are one of the most popular online slots nowadays. Are you going to launch any new slots about Marvel superheroes this year? 

This year we will release The Flinstones, Top Gun and Ace Ventura – so those are the three games to come up soon. The other thing to say is we are taking all our playtech1
legacy games, which is about 150 games, we are taking all of them on mobile, so they will be all available on mobiles in next few months.

What technologies do you use to produce the mobile games? 

Mainly it’s HTML5 technology.

Do you use HTML5 also for online games?

Yes, online and mobile. It’s basically to get that seamless experience that the player feels when playing on the laptop and for example even in the shop you can carry on the experience on your mobile or a tablet.

Are you going to use new technologies in the future to make your online and mobile games even better? 

This year we are focusing on multichannel, as I was saying – creating the seamless experience. Making any content available across any device, anytime, any location. You might place the bet on your laptop and then you might think “I wanna get on a bus”, then you start to play on your mobile again and you can carry on what you left off.

Last year you won the eGaming Review Software Supplier of the Year prize at eGR Italy Awards. What was the key factor that contributed to this success?

We were with all the major kind of plans, local plans as well and international plans so I think we have been in Italy for so many years and we have established a leader position there. We were recognized there very early on, pre-regulation and post-regulation. It is one of the biggest market so I think it’s probably why.

What are your plans for the upcoming months?

I think turning to mobile is a really key focus across all our products – bingo, poker, sports, casino, everything. Getting all those games onto mobile. But also offering the BIT Technologies I mentioned earlier to our other licensees.