EveryMatrix will offer its casino and live casino products to Sporting Index

EveryMatrix stand was really crowded this year, not only because of the great products they were exhibiting, but also due to the open bar, where visitors could stop by for a quick chat and refreshing cocktails.

We visited their stand to talk to Nicholas Hill, Sales & Marketing Director, and ask him about the company’s products and plans for the future. Read the interview below, if you are curious what he had to say!

nicholashillDid ICE 2015 surprise you in any way?

To be brutally honest with you, as it’s the day one of ICE, I haven’t seen many surprises yet. What has surprised me is the fact that the event has gotten much bigger and, talking to the organizers, they’re planning to make it even bigger next year. But no surprises that would sort of jump off, so far.

Are you presenting any innovations during the show?

No, we’re not presenting any major innovations, but EveryMatrix is constantly innovating and developing its products. We are an innovative company and we believe in innovation, we’re always doing it. We are presenting our core products, which are our sports bet – OddsMatrix, our game platform that we’ve called GamMatrix – a game managing platform, and a casino engine. The CasinoEngine is the world’s largest casino applicator with an excess of 2000 titles from different content providers. So those are the main core products that we are presenting.

You offer over 2000 games on your CasinoEngine, including games from Microgaming, NetEnt and BetSoft. Are you going to add games from new developers in the future?

Absolutely, 100%, we are looking at developing our own RGS – remote gaming server, in the future. We don’t have one at this moment, so we are taking content from other applicators like NYX and Microgaming, which are picking up some of the newer developers themselves. We’re picking the content there, but we would like to deliver that content or have those relationships directly ourselves. There’s always new content coming to the systems, it’s just coming through the third parties.

You have recently begun delivering services with the global leader in DDOS and Mitigation services Prolexic. Can you tell us more about this service?

Basically, we’re introducing or integrating Prolexic into our infrastructure. The key driver for this cooperation was the need to protect our organization from those DDOS attacks. Because we are a service provision company, our operators are only as good as we are. So if we don’t protect our network, it hinders our operators. Therefore, we took the judgment to incubate probably the world’s best DDOS protection service, so we can deliver better services to our customers.

What makes your white label solution unique?

The really special thing about our white label solution is its flexibility. It’s this flexibility that operators can build around front-end exposed APIs. It’s quite unique, because you’re not relied upon web servers, so an operator can build their own front-end in JAVA within browser using HTML. So they don’t have to use HTTP or web servers. We host everything and they can then own the entire customer experience. So they own the total look and feel of the customers’ experience. That is unique. Along with the CasinoEngine, the bonus functionality and the CMS functionality of the CasinoEngine – we have a unique proposition. So, for white labeling, clients can use our payment processing, they can use our licensing, but they also have the flexibility of building the front-end, if they want to of course, or they can take the front-ends we deliver.

Was 2014 successful for your company? 

2014 was extremely successful – an 89% growth from revenues – I put that down to success.

What are your hopes, plans and goals for 2015?

To mimic the success we had in 2014, to grow the organization in a structured way and to develop more award-winning, ground-breaking products, which we are constantly doing. We have a new product road map for additional products, one being MoneyMatrix – it’s going to be a payment solution. We’re rebuilding our entire platform, which we call the EM2, which we will be launching at the tail end of this year. We’re rebuilding our sports book – UltiMatrix – from the ground up.

The reason we are taking the investment and rebuilding our entire architecture and infrastructure is because the technologies are already dated, they may be 6 years old, but they’re dated. In order to be a leader in this extremely competitive market, you have to maintain your agility and your flexibility. So we have to stay in line with the market changes and trends.