Topgame Technology

We visited Topgame Technology stand and asked their team about the company’s experience at ICE, their new products and plans for the future. We were impressed by the virtual reality slot that provided us with a whole new gaming experience that was pretty amazing we have to admit! 

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How would you describe your experience at ICE Totally Gaming this year?

For us it’s the main event of the year. I mean every year we are coming around here for a while and we are trying to come up with things to impress everybody around. We like this little corner that we have in here. We like the fact that people gradually learn about us and they keep coming in here, because they want to see what new products we are bringing year on year, as this is what we do. 

What products are you exhibiting during the show? What feedback are you receiving from visitors?

As always we offer a complete platform, so we have the full range. But during the show everybody is focusing on the games we are launching and actually every year we show games that are not even out yet. We just give the people a preview of what’s to come and this year is even more special because we took things a little bit further, especially in terms of technology and how our games adapt to the new environment. We’ve got an oculus experience and the whole virtual reality tour.

That sounds interesting…

You haven’t tried it yet? Oh what are we talking about? Come on you should see it!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: After the interview we did try playing the virtual reality games and we have to admit that it was awesome! When we looked around we got a feeling of being in a real land based casino and when we hit a huge win we were taken on a crazy rollercoaster tour! You just have to try it one day!]

What can you tell us about the new games you are presenting?

They say “you shouldn’t ask the painter what his favourite painting is, but you should ask him what his favourite part of each painting is”. I could go on and on about little features is each game, cause each game is different. We have, for example, a bonus feature that goes multiplayer and players can bet their winnings against other players online. We also have these 3D completely like oculus VR games. Some of the games are games that we released last year and we put them into this environment, so as people would understand how you actually can have a casino in your own home, or if you own a casino you can cross the borders to the virtual reality world. We are releasing new games with new range of features in terms of mathematical features. As always our games are released on all platforms once we release them. When we release a game we are releasing it on PC, Mac, Android, IOS, everything at once and it works on all tablets and everything no matter the size. So in these terms it’s difficult to tell you “oh I like this game, or this game”. We have a new paytable system that lets the user understand a bit better how they win and why they win and drags new users back to the slot. We have three kinds of interfaces for the mobile products. You can actually drag and set up your betting at the same time and just have this level dragging feeling that you used to have in a land based casino. You just have to try it!

Last year you launched a lot of new entertaining games. Can we expect any new games to be released in the upcoming months? What will they be about?

At least half of the games we’ve got on the show are games that are about to be released, so they are basically already tested and waiting for the green light to go to all of our clients. It’s just a matter of time. We always release the games based on timing, like last year when we were at ICE we released a Valentine’s Day game theme, now we have a lot of other games. I think we have about three that are to be released probably in the next month or so.

What technologies do you use to create your entertaining games? What are the advantages of using them?

We like to build let’s say our ecosystem, so when we like a feature in one of the games, the way we build it and our technology allows us to mix and match. If I topgame 2
want the interface from this game and this feature, the paytable from this game and whatever the things of user interface, the technology we are using and we are building with allows us to switch and match and create games more quickly. We are not releasing quicker games, it just takes more time to polish it, so the quality of our games is increasing constantly, because we manage to put more time into polishing these games. I don’t want to boast around, but just take a look around the show – there is really few people who actually  can deliver the kind of quality we are at and with the oculus we are the only one who actually have that technology. The demo that you can see today is a kind of rough one and tomorrow we are going to release a new one that is more mild and at ease for the people who are not ready for the jump into the virtual reality. So go ahead, take some pictures, you should see how people grab their chairs while playing, it’s fun to watch.

Was 2014 successful for your company?

It was lovely. We kept on growing quite unexpectedly. I mean the demand is great, we have great feedback and we are waiting to enter new markets, it’s all good.

What are your plans for 2015?

Well, right now the possibilities are enormous. We are arriving at the time when people are getting very at ease with online and mobile technologies. It’s spreading like fire and the fact that we are already ready for it and a bit quite ahead with these things, it gives us confidence that we can tackle the new technology. At the same time all the sales we have, all kind of requests to enter new markets, so we are trying to deliver the kind of full service for our clients. Whoever wants to join us is welcome. I believe we have quite a lot of solid technology and we are at the market with very good pricing.

So which markets are you going to conquer?

You know, it’s a matter of contracts with our clients and I don’t want to jinx it. Come next year and we’ll show you: “look at the map right now and see how far we come”, it’s better like this.