Probably not many of you have heard the name Wazdan, but will surely do, it’s just a matter of time. Wazdan is a brand new company, seeking its place among the biggest software providers. Indeed, they are not interested in any of the mediocre position, they strive to become one of the leaders. The company was created by players with passion that drove them to create both the best games and software.

Games from Wazdan Portfolio will appeal to all traditional players who decided to switch from already old fashioned AWPs to the internet gambling. Games that were loved by players in land based casinos are now, thanks to Wazdan, available also online. But do not underestimate them – with enhanced graphics, sound, and extra features they are far more entertaining than those from AWPs.

Wazdan also created a platform, which is one of the best tested by our team. It mixes the best features of several platforms available on the market and allows casino customers to play comfortably, with all games running very smoothly. Unfortunately, today only a few casinos use it, but we are sure that this platform will prove itself to be of the top choice.

Though the company started not so long ago, they faced the challenge of 21st century iGaming and the platform can be also accessed on mobile phones, enabling players to gamble from every place with the internet access. We keep our fingers crossed for this software provider, as we are sure it can offer much more!